The Dream Football Academy aims to be professionally run with friendly and approachable management who players and parents can relate to. The main objective of the academy is to offer professional football training sessions and develop the technical abilities of young players through our programme which will eventually lead them to a successful football career.

We recognise that many young players will not achieve this goal; however, we will endeavour to improve every player’s technical ability. Moreover, our academy has set a series of objectives from which every player will benefit

Our Objectives at Dream Football academy are:

  1. To develop and improve the technical abilities of our young players.
  2. To encourage players to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To offer professional football training sessions, at the same time creating an experience our players can enjoy.
  4. We provide top-quality education in a comprehensive environment.
  5. To teach the values of practice, punctuality, good communication, manners, hard work, teamwork and setting goals for the future.
  6. We believe in our youngsters and we aim that with the help of our qualified coaches we will do what it takes to make our youngsters believe in their future too.